“I am only one, but I am still one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something.”
-Helen Keller


The education of advocates is the key component of a successful grassroots network. After all, a grassroots campaign is only as effective as the advocates participating. Unfortunately, the education of advocates on the basics of advocacy is often overlooked.

At Gramen Radix, we focus on turning your organization's advocates into super advocates. What is a Super Advocate? A Super Advocate is an advocate who has been trained and educated to proactively build relationships with their legislators, to not think twice about picking up the phone to call their legislator or to write a thoughtful and persuasive letter, and to encourage and educate those around them to do the same.

The goal of Gramen Radix is to give your organization a strong and unified voice in Washington, D.C. and in your state capital. We partner with you through the entire process of laying the ground-work for your grassroots network all the way to turning your advocates into Super Advocates.

If your organization would like to better benefit from the latent public policy & advocacy potential in membership and staff, then Gramen Radix is your partner.

Contact us today to find out how partnering with Gramen Radix can help your organization.

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Why Aren't My Advocates Advocating?
So, you've got a long list of advocates willing to take action when important issues arise. But when you put out the call-to-action, only a few of your 'regulars' actually responded. What's the deal?

It can be extremely frustrating and confusing when your grassroots advocacy network fails to deliver on key issues. After all, your advocates signed up voluntarily and are directly affected by the issue at hand, so they must care and want to be involved. Let's look at why they're not...read more

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